Shallow Ground

Andy Maslen

Thomas & Mercer

Detective Ford has a cold-blooded killer to catch. But can he escape his own dark secrets?


Barely a month since his promotion to Inspector, DI Ford is called in to investigate the murder of a young nurse and her son in a small flat in Salisbury. There are few clues, and no apparent motive, but Ford can sense that there’s a serial killer at work. After all, he knows from brutal personal experience how killers cover their tracks…

It’s been six years since Ford lost his wife in a climbing accident—an accident he caused. He is desperate to keep the truth hidden, especially from his son, Sam. But Ford’s new partner, Dr Hannah Fellowes, is a crime scene investigator with a ruthlessly analytical mind, and as they work together to track down the killer, his crippling guilt is compounded by fear of exposure.

When instinct leads him towards a high-profile suspect, his superiors’ warnings just make him more determined to connect impulse and fact. But can Ford hold it all together—the case, his life—long enough to stop the killer?


This is an awesome book, with a very touching beginning but the rest of the story is AMAZING. I love crime thrillers and this is one that has fascinated me from start to finish. It has short chapters that make reading very enjoyable.

I love police thrillers where the author makes us know the killer’s mind while killing his victims, I think that one of the points as a reader of this genre that I value most is that, enter into that twisted mind and discover little by littler their motives and do not present them in a quick and fleeting way in an ending.

One of the advantages of this novel, besides the suspense and the police plot, is  that it is very well developed are the characters, the author got the reader to empathize with the life of our main protagonist DI Ford. In short chapters he caught me in such a way that it impossible for me to stop reading.

This book has everything a police-minded reader is looking for, murder, an in crescendo investigation and a detective with a secrets that’s eating him up inside, in addition to the fact that this whole story is presented in short narratives and with a lot of dialogue, something that I love, makes the readings more enjoyable and interesting.

It’s the first time I read a book by this author and it will not be the last, I hope to be able to read the next books of this DI Ford series.

My list of favorite detectives is growing.

You have reading this book, because you will love it.

Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for an advanced. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review the book before publication.

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