Silent Night

Nell Pattison

Avon Books Uk

What happened while they were sleeping?


What happened while they were sleeping?

A school for the deaf takes an overnight trip to the snowy woods. Five teenagers go to sleep, but only four wake up. Leon is missing, and a teacher’s body is found in the forest…

Sign language interpreter Paige Northwood is brought in to help with interrogations. Everyone at the school has a motive for murder – but they all have an alibi.  

As Paige becomes increasingly involved, she suspects there’s something sinister going on. With the clock ticking to find Leon, only one thing is certain: the killer is among them, and ready to strike again…

The perfect sinister, gripping mystery for fans of The Silent Patient and Cara Hunter.


Silent Night is the first book I read by author Nell Pattison and I’ve fallen in love with the suspense  and unexpected twists I’ve come across with this book.

This book is the second in the series by Paige Northwood, our interpreter who will be working with the police on an exceptional case and who is extremely catching from the start.

In this case we will focus on a trip of students, deaf children, in the cabins of Normanby Hall, one night Leo disappears and the next day Steve Wilkinson has also disappeared, who is later found by Paige and another teacher. Paige, along with DS Singh and DI Forest, will come across a mystery that will grow on every page and keep us on our toes. This story focuses on two mysteries that will give life to a narrative that really catches from its prologue.

The characters in Silent Night are amazing and very well developed, the author manages in a magnificent way to include in this story the deaf community and it is something that has been new to me in the reading and that in my opinion creates a greater suspense that enjoys from beginning to end. Although, it’s the second book in the series, it can be read independently, but I do think it mentions things that happened in the Silent House, the first book, and that might affect a little bit if they’re not read in order, And that’s my case, yet it doesn’t take away my desire to read the first book.

Silent Night is a masterpiece of mystery with an intrigue that consumes you to the end. If you like thrillers and a good police case this is the perfect book for you, plus it has a perfect setting for these cold days.

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon Books UK for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review the book before publication.

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